Kindergarten LKG/UKG

November 27, 2020 Jingle


Growing sense of well being Nurturing phonemic skills Developing writing readiness Enhancing language centers of brain Developing resilience towards primary school transition

 kindergarten (LKG/UKG)

The lower Kindergarten is a program specified in specializing

the major developmental skills such as listening, comprehending,

identifying, and asking that helps a child to think and connect with

the real-life.

E-Learning Class

E-Learning Class helps the children to carry forward a search drive

for a better self-exploration. The curriculum kits are provided to the

children for making learning realistic and interactive.

Art and Crafts Session

There are various activities conducted for children to understand real

life concepts in a play way method and also complete the curriculum


Celebration of Festivities

This level of pre schooling builds up curiosity, grooms the social skills and

develops the understanding of the culture, beliefs and various festivities.


APPROPRIATE AGE :- 3.5 years+ LKG   4+ UKG
DURATION:-  3.30 hrs to 4 hrs/day

DAYS:-6 Days (Mon-Saturday)

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