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November 27, 2020


Creating adaptive and positive behavior Developing learning mindset Nurturing internal strengths Developing dexterity Encouraging self-help skills

Nursery program

Nursery program is basically a foundational program to initiate

the informal learning experience in the little buds. It engages the

mind of a preschooler and helps him perceive learning as a mode

of enjoyment and exploration. At Jingle Bell, we involve children

in different activities to observe the interests of the young ones in

different arenas.

Creative time

Nursery encourages many exciting ways of learning and attracts

children towards the informal knowledge using real-life examples

to grasp better. It brings out the creativity in the child.

E-Learning Class

A child is introduced to dusty knowledge about various subjects.

Many activities such as reciting songs and rhymes help the children

to connect with the printed content in the book.

Concept rooms

This program develops the pre-math skills of identifying, following,

and repeating patterns to increase the recognition level of kids. It helps

a child to learn a different approach to be used in various situations.

Gym Time

This program helps in developing the gross motor skills in a toddler and

inculcating a habit of exercising daily. Children at Jingle Bell are fit, healthy

and happy to exercise and have fun.


DURATION  : 2:30 hrs to 3.30 hrs/day

DAYS  : 5 Days (Mon-Fri)

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