Terms and Conditions / Rules and Regulation

I accept the following terms and conditions:

Having understood the terms and conditions made known to me through this ‘Online’/digital media, I hereby agree to accept and will abide by the same.

I understand that failure to disclose all necessary information on the application/admission form, concealing pertinent information and/or altering documents, may result in any offer of a place being revoked, and, in the case of a place having been taken up, withdrawal from Jingle Bell School.

I agree that my child will abide by the rules and regulations of Jingle Bell School.

I understand that Jingle Bell School is no way responsible for any untoward incident causing injury to the child during the school activities.

I understand that the school fees is payable (applicable) from the joining date.

Please note that it is important to declare all significant medical, behavioral and emotional problems, which might affect your child’s life at Jingle Bell School. In the case of special educational needs, Jingle Bell School must assess carefully whether it can provide adequate provision. If your child has previously been asked to leave another school, this information should also be provided. Failure to declare such information will result in the offer of a place being withdrawn or in your child being asked to leave Jingle Bell School.

Annual Charges –The  Annual charges (2021-22) which will be cover these expenses i.e. Id card / Dairy/ Stationery/Notebook/ Books/Computer /Exam Assignment/Smart Class/ Activity/Festival Exp. / celebration etc. 

Note:- The Student Id card / Parents Id  Card/ Dairy/Books will be issued once at the time of Admission, after that it will be charged amount according to the cost.

School Commencement – The School’s academic year will commence on the 1st  April 2021 and the school reserves the right to amend the commencement date.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions – When the parent enrolls the child in the school, it is deemed that he/she has READ, UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED all the terms and conditions.

Sibling Benefits – 100/- Rupees Sibling Subsidy is offered on the tuition fees/Transport fees of child and also the subsidy is  Annual  fees Rs 1000/-.

Payment Responsibility – It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that all school fees are paid in advance or before the first day of the term and the school will not be responsible to remind them of the unpaid fees.

Fees Payment –School fees can be transferred to the school bank account JB Educational Trust, Union Bank of India Yusuf Sarai Branch, IFSC CODE UBIN0534064 Branch, C/A  AC no. 340601010050994

Late Payment Surcharges – A late payment surcharge of 25/- per day is applicable on all unpaid fees after due date.

Sale of  Uniforms – Cash payment is accepted only for sale of Uniform  items from the school book shop.

School Cab Cancellation – parent terminating school cab service have to issue a 1 months notice.  Once the cab Service is cancelled, students can resume the cab service only after a period of 6 months.  Parents are not allowed to cancel and resume the cab services before the vacations and fee has to be paid for the vacation month as well.  School cab fee and payable for 11 months.

Rights reserved – The school reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions mentioned herein at any given time.  The school fees mentioned above are valid for the present academic year only and the school reserves the right to amend it for future academic years.

Cheque Dishonored:- In case of a bounced cheque, a fine of Rs.150/- & late fee will be charged from the parents till the date of payment.

Any fees paid for a student is not adjustable against other student.

The fees of your child for next academic year will remain either as above or will increase marginally. Any increase in fees in the forthcoming years will be intimated to parents at least 1 months in advance.

Annual Charges will be collected at the beginning of the academic session and are non-refundable even if any mid-term withdrawal of student is done

Admission fees/Tuition fees are non‐refundable at any time.

Tuition fee is charged for Twelve months in an academic year.

Bus fee is charged for eleven months in an academic year. At least one calendar month’s notice should be given for discontinuation of the bus facility or one month’s bus fees should be deposited in lieu thereof.

Tuition fee certificates will be issued only annually (in the month of March) on a written request after clearing all payments. The certificates will be issued from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm within two working days after the receipt of the application.



Parents should not argue with the teachers/attendant present in the Cab or the driver. If there is any problem, a written complaint to the Administrative Cab In Charge should be given.

A student using the school cab is expected to be at the Cab stop at least ten minutes before the scheduled arrival of the Cab. The student has to be on the correct side of the arriving Cab. The scheduled pick-up time is available with the Transport-in- charge/ Admin Office at the school. The school reserves the right to alter the timings, routes and stoppages as and when necessary.

The cab will not wait for latecomers.

The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason. The driver shall not use mobile phone while driving. If any urgent call comes from the school, he should stop the cab by the wayside and attend to the same. However the driver should be called only in an emergency, and all other calls from the school should be made to the attendant of the cab.

The cab monitor (to be detailed by the teacher/attendant travelling in the cab) on duty is responsible for maintaining discipline in the cabs. Any serious offence must be reported to the teacher on duty immediately. On a day when the teacher is not present the information may be given to the Administrative Office.

In case of any change, of a temporary or permanent nature, in transport pick-up / drop point or transport route, the permission for the same has to be sought by making an application to the Transport/ Admin department at the School office. In case of a permanent change of the transport route, the application must be filed at the School Office.

Students of classes Nursery to V must be escorted to and from the cab stops by parents or authorized persons. Parents must submit an application with photographs of persons other than themselves, who they authorize to pick-up and drop off their wards. In case no one turns up at the cab stop to receive their ward from the respective cab drop points, the student will be brought back to the school and will be handed over only to persons authorized to collect him/her.

The Monthly Transport service charges for the scheduled route / routes will be as per notification. Fees will be charged for 11 months. A parent, who wishes to withdraw the transport facility is required to give a month’s notice or fees in lieu. A parent who wishes to withdraw the transport facility before the vacations and rejoin after the vacations, may not be given the transport service facility. The amount is payable along with the school fees on a bi-monthly basis/ or as per State rules.

Indiscipline in the school cab, disregard for instructions of cab Staff or teachers and flouting of any rules outlined above will invite disciplinary action, suspension or withdrawal of cab facility



One month’s notice or payment of one month’s fee in lieu thereof is necessary in case a parent withdraws his/her ward from the school. No verbal communication to whom so ever in this regards will be considered valid. The following categories of pupils may be required to be withdrawn from the school.(Not necessarily notifying cause to the parent)

(i) Those who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling or unable to benefit from the educational program of the school.

(ii) Those whose fee is in arrears for more than a month.

(iii) Those whose behavior in the opinion of the Principal is harmful to the interest of the school.

(iv) Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for a long period renders a student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of a fresh admission fee.


Transfer Certificate (TC/SLC)

Instructions to online fill the form:

(i) This form must be filled only by parents, duly signed, and submitted at the office. Signature of both
the parents is mandatory.

(ii) In case any one of the parents is unable to sign this form, a hard copy of a handwritten/ typed
authorisation letter, requesting the issue of TC, duly signed, must be scanned and sent from your
registered mail id to [email protected]

(iii) All data for the issue of TC will be taken from the office records.

(iv) TC will be issued by the end of the academic year. (First week of April)

(v) The Transfer Certificate will be handed over ONLY to parents.

(vi) For any concerns or clarifications, kindly send an email to [email protected]

(vii) TC issue charges 500/-. It will be pay at the time of online apply. (Phonepe/Paytm No 9818257544 and 9818257544@upi)

(viii) It will be released within 2–3  days after apply.

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